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Miracle Bio-Crystal of Ella & Alexander became an important part of my everyday life. With this personal bio-energy donor I feel strong, young and at peace.
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Letters of Testimony and Thanks

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alexander with David Weinberg
Alexander with David Weinberg

3 Feb 96

Dr. David Eisenberg, Director
Alternative Medicine Research Center
Beth Israel Hospital
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Dear Dr. Eisenberg,

I have been following with interest your unique and important work in the scientific validation of alternative healing modalities. I am delighted that the time has finally come when nontraditional treatments can be given an open-minded scientific evaluation of their actual efficacy.

I am writing in the hope of personally introducing you to a remarkable healer, Dr. Alexander Tetelboym, a "bio-energy therapy” practitioner in Brookline. I have known him for the past four years and have been impressed and amazed by his highly developed healing gift. People come to him for treatment from all over the world.

On 4 Dec 96 Dr. Tetelboym saved the life of my 18 year old son, David!
David is a student at Boston University. On 1 Dec 95 he was admitted to South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth with a very severe case of pneumonia of sudden onset. He was intubated, put on a ventilator and life support systems, and given five different antibiotics intravenously. He had a team of 13 physicians working on his case. They couldn't believe how sick he was. His vital signs progressively got worse and worse. He had only 20% lung function, tachycardia,
elevated blood pressure, and dangerously low blood oxygen levels. On the 3rd of Dec the doctors told us that the situation was very grave and David would probably die if things did not turn around within the next 24 hours. They said that his immune system was extremely depressed and all they could do was hope that if it was a bacterial infection that one of the antibiotics would work before the organism killed him and if it was a viral infection that his body's compromised immune system would somehow enable him to win out in the life and death struggle. They said that they had no power to do what David needed the most – activate and energize his immune system.

In desperation I called my friend Alexander Tetelboym. I remembered that he claimed that by using energy from his own hands he could activate and energize people's immune systems when they are very sick. He agreed to come to David's bedside and give him a bio-energy treatment. He had never come to an American hospital to treat a patient before due to hostility and skepticism from traditional medical practitioners, but he agreed to do so in this special case due to the gravity of the situation. He said that the earliest that he could come was 5:00 P.M. on the 4th of Dec.

Between 1:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. on the 4th of Dec David literally almost died three times. Each time the doctors had to perform urgent life saving procedures. One of those episodes occurred when a team of eight specialists from Children's Hospital were trying to move him onto a gurney to transport him in a special ambulance to Children's so that he could be put on a heart-lung machine if necessary. They decided that the transport would be too life threatening and that it was better to leave him at South Shore Hospital and hope for the best.

Dr. Tetelboym arrived at the hospital at 5:00 P.M. and rushed to David's room. David was just barely conscious. He told David, “You are very, very sick and I have come to help you survive, and you will survive." Then he proceeded to place his hands about an inch over David's chest and said he was activating and energizing David's immune system. Within seconds, to the amazement of my wife, my son Ben, and myself, all of the readings on all of the medical monitors in the room began to dramatically change! This was the first external validation that I had seen of a measurable effect resulting from Dr. Tetelboym's bio-energy therapy. My wife exclaimed, "Alexander, the readings are supposed to be going in the other direction. David's blood pressure and heart rate are supposed to be going down, not up!" Dr. Tetelboym calmly responded, "I know. I know. This just shows that he is receiving the healing energy. Wait until my treatment is finished and you will see everything change for the better."

In the middle of his treatment he felt David's feet and told us to feel how cold they were. They were very cold. He said that this was because the circulation in David's legs was very poor and that he was going to restore the circulation in his feet. He then proceeded to hold his hand about an inch away from the sole of David's left foot for about a minute and said to feel his foot again. It was very warm! He then did the same thing to David's right foot. His feet stayed warm after that.
Alexander returned to transmitting energy into David's chest. At a certain point he said that the treatment was finished. I asked him how he could tell and he responded that he could feel that David's body was holding as much energy as it could absorb and was no longer receiving energy from his hands, so the treatment was finished.

Shortly afterwards David "turned around." His blood pressure and heart rate dropped significantly and his blood oxygen levels increased significantly. At a team meeting the following morning the doctors were overjoyed and incredulous. They said it was like a miracle and they were suddenly hopeful and confident that David would recover, rather than all doom and gloom. In fact, he recovered much more quickly than they predicted and was able to come home from the hospital several weeks earlier than they had expected. David was actually able to return to Boston University for the second semester in Jan 96. The prevailing medical conclusion is that David had atypical pneumonia caused by mycoplasma. Diagnostic tests are still in process.

There is no question in my mind that Alexander Tetelboym's treatment was critically instrumental in saving the life of my son. There is also no question in my mind that he has had remarkable results treating a plethora of different serious illnesses and afflictions of many hundreds of people. I am in possession of a packet of signed testimonials which verify that this is more than just his own verbal personal claim.

Dr. Tetelboym is deserving of recognition from the traditional medical community. He has given up the practice of traditional medicine himself so that he may pursue his calling to serve people with his gift of bio-energetic healing. He is also empowered to treat people from long distances (documented) and to diagnose medical problems psychically (also documented; I can also vouch for this personally).

I am writing to request a meeting between Dr. Tetelboym, myself, and yourself so that you may add his healing technique to the alternative healing procedures which you are scientifically assessing.

If you are the same David Eisenberg whom I knew in the 1970s, it would be a double pleasure to meet with you. I look forward to hearing from you


Avrom Weinberg, Ph.D.

Bartley G. Cilento, M.D.
Bartley G. Cilento, M.D.

Healthcare South


7 Driftway, Scituate, MA 02066 Phone: (617) 545-3391 Fax: (617) 545-7270


Concerning David Weinberg, DOB 3/9/77

Since early childhood David has been under my pediatric care. For the record, I wish to document the fact that in November of 1995, he developed what initially appeared to be bronchitis and was treated with antibiotics. His subsequent clinical course was most unlike what one would expect.

David rapidly developed increasing symptoms of respiratory illness to the extent that his dyspnea was severe. The initial chest x-ray showed changes consistent with bronchitis and a small patchy infiltrate but within hours, this had progressed to diffuse multifocal pneumonia. His respiratory distress required intubation and care in the intensive care unit. Multiple consultants in addition to the intensive care team were involved in providing care.

Numerous diagnostic tests were in process and multiple supportive and therapeutic measures were ongoing. Despite this, David's condition continued to deteriorate. Multisystem failures were developing in the face of maximum therapeutic efforts.

At the request of David parents, Dr. Alexander Tetelboym was asked to see David. This he did on 4 December 1995 in the intensive care unit of South Shore Hospital. Dr. Tetelboym's credentials and therapeutic approaches are unknown to me.

Within 24 hrs, David's vital signs began to improve and over the following days, his general condition improved remarkably. This clinical response continued at a brisk pace such that he was transferred to the pediatric ward shortly thereafter to continue his recovery.

David continued his progress and has made a complete recovery.

Bartley G. Cilento, M.D

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In December 1990, my article "Miracles Do Happen” was published in the "New Russian Word" newspaper. Since then, at least twice a year, I call Mr. Tetelboym from New York, Miami and even from Moscow and asked, "Sasha, I just arrived in Moscow and am suffering from insomnia – Help me!”… "Sasha, I returned from Russia completely exhausted, I have no energy for work. Recharge me"…“Sasha, I have the flu but I need to go on a business trip...”, "Sasha, it is freezing outside, negative thirty degrees Celsius, and my sciatica came back." And, believe it or not, Mr. Tetelboym treated me long-distance, recharged my energy, relieved the pain in my back ... and even in my soul! Yes, imagine, despite his tremendous amount of patients who fly to him not only from across the United States, but also from Europe, and even with all these phone calls from his regular patients like me who ask for ("Help! Recharging! Healing!”), it turns out he also writes music! I recently received a cassette called "Ballad for the Flute and Orchestra," turned it on and was astounded. Now I take it everywhere with me. The soft, soothing and calming melody really heals my nerves and soul. P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention: it’s been 12 years since I quit smoking. And I do not crave it anymore.
writer Edward Topol
- Moscow, October 28, 2002
Mrs. Tetelboym! I want to express my deepest gratitude for all that you did for me. Before meeting you I was a complete cynic of alternative medicine. At first I thought that distant healing was amusing, but now I cannot go out without receiving complements from my friends about how good I look. I became a true believer in you and your method. I use to suffer from chronic constipation and constant headaches. Now, I forgot about the pills and I hope this lasts forever.
L. Reytelman
- Chicago

Re: A clinical case of Distant Healing

On a Monday evening, Feb. 22, 1993, my wife had just pulled a piping hot pizza out of a 415 degree oven when our little nine year old son, Joshua, unaware of the consequences and in an exuberant spirit, grabbed the scorching hot pizza pan with both his hands. He held it for several moments before my wife grabbed it back from him with her hot pad gloves on.

His hands were bright red and beginning to blister extensively and his screams of pain and crying could be heard throughout the neighborhood. My wife rushed his hands to the cold running tap water and I frantically searched the kitchen for some apple cider vinegar. Not long thereafter the phone rang. It was the quiet, reassuring heavy Russian accent of Alexander Tetelboym, calling us in San Diego from his home in Boston. We had met Alex and his wife Ella only four months earlier in San Diego on their concert tour around the country.

When Joshua heard that it was Alex on the phone, he grasped the phone and told Alex what had happened. Alex told me to take two eggs from the refrigerator and to hold one in each hand, rest my hands on my knees and sit upright in a chair with my spine straight. He explained that as soon as our telephone conversation would end, he would cause atmospheric bio-energy to discharge through the crown of my head, down my neck and through my shoulders, arms and hands into the two eggs for ten minutes. Thereafter, we were to crack the eggs and place the whites of the two into a broad, flat bowl and have Joshua place his burned hands into the egg whites for as long as he could.

We hung up the phone and followed Alex’ instructions to the letter, not knowing what to expect. I sat in the living room, while my wife escorted our two boys to the back playroom to leave me undisturbed for the duration of the ten minute session with Alex. To describe what I experienced is not easy. It was as if some kind of intense current coursed down through my neck and out my arms into my hands, a rhythmic pulsation: zzzz-zz, zzzz-zz zzzz-zz. There was a sense of static electricity all about my head and upper torso.

At the end of the ten minutes, my wife and children returned to the living room. At first I had to admonish them, “Don’t talk. It’s still happening!” When the current ceased shortly thereafter, we followed Alex’ instructions. The eggs, which had been very cold, were now distinctly warm.

Our son, Joshua, still crying and whimpering, plunged his red, blistering hands into the egg whites in the bowl and almost immediately regained his composure. His first reaction was to stop crying and begin to talk excitedly about the sensations he was experiencing with his hands in the egg whites. He said his hands felt hot and were tingling and that he felt a surge of energy throughout his body. After about twenty minutes, he was so relaxed; he could no longer sit up and requested to go to sleep for the night. We put nothing more on his hands. The next morning all redness, all pain and all blisters were gone. His hands looked normal and he only complained of a slight stiffness in the skin of his left hand.

I’m hard pressed to explain this. The pan was right out of a 415 degree oven and he had held it for long enough to have severely burned his hands. Yet here he was with no trauma and no real complaint.

As a postscript let me recommend Steven M. Rosen’s book, Cosmic Existentialism, or the excerpt from it, “Toward a Representation of the “Irrepresentable,’” reprinted in the section, “The Geometry of the Paranormal” in Stanley Krippner’s Future Science. To date, it’s the most reasonable explanation I’ve found for the extraordinary event I and my son experienced.


Charles B. Abraham,Ph.D.
San Diego, CA

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Dear Ella and Alexander, while vacationing in Cannes, I caught a pretty bad cold. Unfortunately, I did not pay proper attention to it. Later my mistake resulted in asthmatic bronchitis. I do not really know if I could get rid of this horrible problem without such incredible healers like you. Your naturopathic program "Health without Drugs," designed especially for me as well as your long distance healing sessions that I was receiving in Berlin, literally brought me back to life. I cannot find words of gratitude for such miraculous help.
G. Filatova
-Berlin, Germany
…There isn’t a day when I don’t think of you Dr. Tetelboym or speak about you to my friends and family. I don’t know how you did it, you are in America and I'm in Europe, but out of a very sad, depressed and nervous person, you managed to make a healthy, cheerful one. I feel I can finally relax and breathe normally, with full lungs. My back is much better, too. I had that annoying back pain for such a long time that I completely forgot how it feels when it doesn’t hurt. Thanks to you, I know now. I wish you and your family all the best in your super-human endeavors to help people. You certainly made me very happy.
Daniela Konevich
- Le Locle, Switzerland
Dear Ella! The help you have given my daughter and me has brought us back to life! I am sleeping like a baby now and my torturing colitis is not bothering me anymore. My daughter has blossomed. I cannot believe that her face was once covered with boils. I want to express special thanks to you for the fact that all the help we received was from the comfort of our home. We did not have to spend a lot of money for traveling and accommodation to come and stay in Boston ... Thanks again for your help. It was priceless.
Maria Gershman
- Los Angeles, CA
… For the past 30 years I suffered from colitis, arthritis and high blood pressure. Now, I am like a new person. Your phenomenal distant healing along with naturopathic program “Health without Drugs,” which was designed especially for me, gave me my life back. As for my over-stress, I got perfect help from your “Stress Control Card.” Thanks to it I can determine the stress level of my body at any time of the day or night. With my high blood pressure and heart disease it is very important. It takes only one touch and I immediately feel much better. Everywhere I go I carry your Stress Control Card with me. Thank you for everything.
R. Cohen
-Haifa, Israel
I'll start with a quote from my diary in the winter of 1990, “I am beside myself with the happiness from help of Dr. Tetelboym. It would have taken me years to achieve this result. My heart is overflowing with gratitude."

In Europe, I ran from doctor to doctor that was not able to help me. Despite the fact that I was only 28 years old, I already lost all hope of living a life of a healthy woman. But the sessions and home exercises that you taught me improved my condition so much that I found strength and peace of mind to go on with my life and my work. Now I do exhibitions and at the same time am expecting a child. I couldn’t imagine that before. Once again, thank you for your help and energy.

Diane Obinya
-Florence, Italy
I want to share my joy with the readers about getting my treatment sessions at a distance. I came to Ella and Alexander for help because of high blood pressure and the heart problem. After the first session, I felt a great relief, but that's not all. For several years I had a fatty lump on my leg, which gradually grew bigger, and I was going to consult a surgeon about it. After a while I was surprised to find out that it was gone! As for the high blood pressure and pain in my chest, after three sessions, I forgot about that too and now I do not need to take drugs every day. It's so wonderful to receive healing sessions in the comfort of your own home; not everyone can afford to travel to another city, state or country.
Natalia Timofeeva
-Iowa city, Iowa


January 2, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

During the summer and fall of 1996, I consulted Alexander Tetelboym for the unique treatment he offers, in addition to the radiation treatment I underwent for my diagnosis of prostate cancer. I had sessions with Alexander at least once a week during this period in order to receive something that I felt was missing from my dealings with traditional doctors. The medical treatment was based on the latest scientific knowledge and state of the art technology. And the results as of now indicate that the cancer has been dealt with.

The radiation bombarded my body to kill the invasive cancer. Alexander provided what felt like nourishment for the healthy part of my body.

During the radiation therapy I noticed that I was much more easily fatigued than usual. And each time I had a session with Alexander I felt refreshed. This positive state lasted for several days. Working with Alexander helped me realize how rare it is to be with someone who seems genuinely optimistic; how infectious this can be; and how much good feeling this can bring to the body. Alexander's treatment was as integral a part of my healing as the radiation. I consider this complimentary method of treatment to be the wave of the future. Not only do we kill the disease. We strengthen the body. I am very much grateful for that.

Sanford Rosenzweig, Ph.D.

Dear Ella and Alexander! It's been six years since I have been in Boston, before your trip to Tibet. Since then, I have never touched a cigarette again. Thank you very much. God bless you and all your family.
Remy Frenkel
-Toronto, Canada
I want to express my deepest gratitude for the miracle that you did for me. For the past 3 years I lived in a different dimension. And the fact that I was an alcoholic seems like a nightmare now. Thanks again for the miracle and that people like you still exist!
Nicholas Ilyushenko
-Bryansk, Russia
…When I called I couldn’t get an appointment for a while because people come to Tetelboym Therapy Institute from all over the world. Dr. Tetelboym aligns the body, mind and spirit by working through the energy field and healing the body there. …If it weren’t for my work with Dr. Tetelboym, I never would have survived the stress of the new position. I have felt progressively better and better, and now I am thoroughly convinced that the medicine of the future is truly that of bio-energy healing.
Miriam Edson
-Wakefield, MA
Three years ago I was 145 pounds overweight and considering bypass surgery. That’s when I decided to visit Ella Tetelboym. She was highly recommended by my friend, who lives in Canada and visited her before with the similar problem. Dr. Ella helped me so much that I never did have a surgery. Today I am 65 and thanks to Ella Tetelboym’s effective healthy lifestyle system I live a very active life.
B. Baker
-Washington, DC
…I am not a person who is prone to believe in the unconventional, but I cannot deny what happened to me. Without drugs or surgery, Dr. Tetelboym gave me back my life. For the several months I suffered from debilitating headaches my life consisted of eight hours work on a good day and then medication and sleep. I had no energy or ability to do the smallest thing beyond keeping my job by showing up. I was left with no energy to cook or clean my house or any more enjoyable thing I used to do. All that has changed now. Dr. Tetelboym has worked with me to relieve stress in my life and to restore the energy I lost. I cannot say thank you enough.
Denis O’Callaghan
- South Boston, MA
For the last six years I've been struggling to lose weight. I was more than 100 pounds overweight. I was wearing size 52 pants. I had an enormous appetite. I could eat a large pizza with extra cheese and seven toppings and still feel hungry. When I realized the importance of losing excess weight, I tried every available diet, all sorts of pills, meal replacement shakes and drinks, exercise plans, etc. But it was a complete failure. My big appetite didn't allow me to comply with the diet or meal replacement plan. No pill of any kind could suppress my appetite. When I even thought about exercising, my entire body was in pain. After just one visit, my appetite was drastically reduced. My metabolism speeded up considerably, and I began to lose weight. After one month, a plain slice of pizza was more than a sufficient meal for me.
Finally I developed an exercise routine which I do every day with no discomfort of any kind. During 6 months, I lost about 100 pounds and feel healthier than I ever have before. Now I wear size 40 pants.
Mark Levin
-Boston, MA
Thank you for giving me my life back. Prior to my treatment, I spent two and a half years in pain due to very frequent migraine headaches. I followed every avenue in conventional medicine. During this time I was proscribed numerous medications. These medications ranged from Beta Blockers and severe anticonvulsants to powerful painkillers such as Percodan. All with no solution… Now I can live a productive life that is free from pain and medications.
Mark Springer
miracle bio-pyramid

Dear Ella and Alexander. Thanks to your Protective Bio-Pyramid we straightened our family relations and after years of struggling for survival, our business has finally started to flourish. In addition, the healing energy of your Protective Bio-Pyramid, which we feel the presence of every day, has helped us to improve not only our business, but also our health..

Lagutin family
-Montreal, Canada
It has been half a year since we purchased your Protective Bio-Pyramid. After many family quarrels and instabilities, our family is finally at peace. Moreover, we all feel the constant flow of healing energy and peace of mind. Even my 78year-old mother is not depressed anymore. All our friends, after a visit to our home, felt the magic influence of your BioPyramid, and immediately followed our example by ordering the Protective Bio-Pyramid for themselves. Please accept our immense gratitude.
Goldman family
-Haifa, Israel
miracle bio crystal

Dear Ella and Alexander! I am writing to you from the distant Ukraine. Once I started wearing your Wonder Crystal, my health has much improved. I acquired a peace of mind and I have finally gotten rid off vasoneurosis, a disease that has haunted me for many years. Your Miracle Bio-Crystal here in the Chernobyl zone, is valued more than gold. I bow to you for your priceless work.

Nikolai Gromadyuk
-Kiev, Ukraine
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Tetelboym, many thanks for your Miracle Bio-Crystal. Since I have been wearing it, my family relationships have smoothed over. Your Crystal made me feel strong and good about myself and because of that, I never part from it. My grandson, whom I also bought the Bio-Crystal for, got rid of asthmatic bronchitis. Thank you!
M. Weisman
-San Francisco, California
book 1

Dear Ella! For many years I was more than 100 pounds overweight and therefore suffered a lot mentally and physically. I have tried everything - from pills to fasting, but nothing worked except for your book Knockout Diseases & Excess Weight. Your system of weight loss and health improvement really worked. Today I am slim and do not go to the doctors anymore. All my relatives consider this a miracle and I owe it all to you!

T. Lubomirski
-Sydney, Australia
Dear Ella, thanks to your system of weight loss and health improvement, now that I'm 67, I feel energetic, strong and most importantly an active man again. That's really a miracle! With great respect and immense gratitude,
V. Konev
-Miami, FL
book 1

... I learned about your book "Knockout Diseases & Excess Weight" from my relatives who live in Germany. After 6 months of following your system of weight loss and health improvement, I lost 35 kg., my high blood pressure normalized, no more leg or lower back pain. I became a cheerful and vivacious woman. Moreover, the Healing Photo I got along with the book is helping all members of my family to stay healthy. Believe it or not, but I am already looking for a bikini to go on vacation with my husband to Aruba.

G. Sokol
-Toronto, Canada
book 1

“Dear Ella and Alexander, ever since my heart attack in 1995, my life became miserable. However, after purchasing your CD with Health Restoration Program, a miracle has occurred. My heart started working efficiently again: the pulse has normalized and my blood pressure became under control which enabled me to live and love again. I’m 65-years-old and I look and most importantly feel like an active 40 year-old man. Please except my sincere gratitude.

Michael Singer
-San Francisco, CA
book 1

Dear Ella, your Psychological Tune-up Program helped me successfully overcome my weaknesses. Finally, I conquered my addiction to alcohol and cigarettes. Moreover, I now believe in my inner strength and abilities, finally turning my dreams into reality. Today I am a happy father and successful businessman. Your talent truly has no limits.

L. Kolosov
- St. Petersburg, Russia
book 1

Dear Doctor, depression, which has been poisoning my life and tormenting me for the past 20 years, disappeared after 30-days of listening to your healing music. God bless you.

Mark Zachs
-Munich, Germany
product 10
stress card

...A year ago, I had a surgery for prostate cancer. Because of your healing DVD, which I have been watching for the past 4 months, I got rid of my depression and fully recovered physically. The Stress Control Card, which I bought from you at the same time as the DVD, helps me a lot not only to monitor, but also to reduce the stress level in the body. I am a 72 years old, but I am again energetic and cheerful as ever.

M. Mishin
-Chicago, USA