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Established in 1989 by Ella and Alexander Tetelboym –
internationally renowned Bio-energy therapists, musicians, artists and writers.
Tetelboym Therapy Institute has been widely covered on domestic and international TV and in the press.


For the past 25 years Tetelboym Therapy Institute has been successfully helping their patients regain their lost health and prevent a variety of problems and diseases. Our varied client list includes famous writers and actors, scientists and musicians, businessmen and athletes. Our philosophy is to help restore health without drugs, thereby creating great demand for our healing products all over the world. Our approach is unique because we are able to reprogram the human brain, a biological computer, to help the patient recover. Our method is effective even in cases where a person is left with their last hope for a miracle. The fundamentally important difference between our method and traditional medical treatment is that it gives people a chance to rehabilitate their body in their own eyes, rejuvenate it, not by using chemicals but by opening the reserve capability of the body and putting it at the service of man.


Пятница, 16 января, 1998
This biographical article is about Ella and Alexander Tetelboym,
the founders of Tetelboym Therapy Institute in Boston,
who feel the pain of others as their own.
And help us defeat this pain.

Ella Tetelboym with her son Ronald

I visited this world,
In order to dissolve within.
To take, to feel, to live
All that exists within.
To touch it all with my heart,
And, opening my soul to shout:
"Discovering myself - is the way
That I seek out!"

From the collection of unpublished
poems of Ella Tetelboym (Translated from Russian)


Even after meeting with Ella and Alexander Tetelboym, a person disbelieving in fate would certainly ponder: is there still something that guides us through life, tangling and untangling, separating and connecting - so that in the end everyone who looks back on what was left behind will wonder about the unbelievable interlacing twists and turns of life. Unbelievable? Yes - but the only one possible.

Where do I begin the story of Alexander? With unusual memories of early childhood, ones of evacuation and bombing, hunger and cold, orphanage and wartime barrack? Even then there were already "signs of destiny." Separated from his mother in the commotion of an evacuation station, three-year-old Sasha (short for Alexander) was admitted in an orphanage, which he decided to leave in order to find his mother - not knowing her location or anything else except that he was lost without her - as she probably was without him. Not knowing the roads and without asking for any help, with dried and miraculously saved pieces of bread (in a starving orphanage during War time), he walked fifty kilometers to the exact village, entered the precise barrack, where, surrounded by countless neighbors, was his family.

Or should I begin later – in Music College, where, from a quick glance of the notes, he could firmly memorize complex musical compositions? Was this a step away from predestined fate? I don’t think so ... According to Alexander, encyclopedic knowledge, necessary for a healer, is not acquired in educational institutions, but by serious self-education throughout life. In other words, Alexander could not survive a day without food for his mind.

One of the milestones in the formation of Alexander was his meeting with “the Great Messing.”

By the way, one of Alexander’s very first patients was Wolf Grigorievich Messing. At their meeting in Minsk, Belorussia, Alexander took away an acute attack of sciatica.

Or ... maybe it wasn’t the meeting with Messing? When lost in the Kazakh steppe wartime barrack, where Alexander’s family turned out to be among the two and a half thousand people who were dying of typhoid fever, Sasha did not get sick. And among the few who recovered was his mother, who he took care of. Not because he felt some kind of a special power, but because it was his mother, and there was no one else who could have helped her. There was also no one to help his deliriously raving neighbor, uncle Vasya (“uncle” is the word Russian kids use for older people). All of his relatives had died earlier and there was no one to respond to his feverish cries "I want to drink." It was unfair because uncle Vasya, before he got ill, was so kind and even shared his bread – the most valuable treat in war time. Sasha, a five-year-old boy, was carrying a mug across the barrack, clutched in his palms struggling not to spill it in the dim barrack. Not knowing what kind of magical power he sent to the water. While uncle Vasya frantically took a sip of the water, he ceased raving and screaming. Only by the heavy breathing with wheezing, it was clear that the disease only weakens, but does not unclench its deathly grip. Perhaps, the man himself felt it - and once, hearing the boys voice say, "Have a drink, uncle Vasya, have a drink," could not stand it anymore, shook his head and squeezed out hoarsely, "Go away, kid, do not interrupt me and let me die…”


Ella’s destiny put her through a different ordeal. Medical error and the massive impact of high potency drugs (which were intended to "compensate" or obscure professional incompetence) have led to the fact that at 22, Ella was condemned by the medical commission to a lifelong disability. Description of the reasons for her disability looked more like a doctoral thesis, rather than a medical history.

I cannot describe all the things that Ella went through in those terrible years. Let's just say: God forbid someone else goes through something like that. In the end, the doctors denied her even a small chance of recovery. All that she had was pain and a desire to live in spite of it. Becoming a mother was out of the question because such an attempt could cost her, her life. This statement by medical doctors gave her a reason to protest against this verdict.

As a last resort, Ella decided to turn to folk medicine. How could someone in her condition travel to distant villages (remember – we are not talking about traveling on American roads in an air-conditioned vehicle)? But she did it.

Wonderfully instantaneous healing did not occur. But she suddenly realized that in the last two weeks she did not get worse. And so began the miracle that happened because of alternative medicine and Ella’s strong will to live.

Later, Ella dared to dream not only about life, but also about health. She started to learn the secrets of alternative medicine. After the herbs, came time for serious lessons in different schooling and alternate forms of yoga. In the course of many years of learning the secrets of Russian, Tibetan, Chinese and Indian folk medicine, opened up her amazing ability to control her own body, thoughts and energy, but also to transform and direct this energy towards the desired goal – tissue regeneration, balancing energy at the cellular level or recovering body systems in need of energy at that time. And the gift of self-healing gradually grew into a gift of a healer. Then came her turn to help people. To help not only with her abilities, but also by her own example - most convincingly showing that nothing is impossible for a person who refuses to say "I cannot ...”

The next milestone in Ella’s life was meeting Alexander. Two different people, separated by age for almost a quarter of a century, who came to the same goal by different paths, linked their destiny forever. I would like to quote the words of Ella and Alexander from the movie about them, "…HURRY, WHILE PEOPLE LIKE THIS STILL EXIST!" made by Russian-American television WMNB, “The dream for many is the harmonious combination of work and family. As for us it has merged together ...”

To some people, of course, it may seem unusual to have a treatment without antibiotics and pain medication. But after all, humanity survived as a species precisely because of the use of what we call today – the secrets of alternative medicine! So should we be modest when it comes to evaluating its effectiveness?

The fundamentally important difference between this method and traditional medical treatment is that it gives the person a chance to rehabilitate his/her own body, rejuvenate oneself not with chemicals, but a method that helps to open up the reserves of the body and put them at the service of man.

Despite the strict forbiddance of physicians, five years ago Ella became a mother. The son of Ella and Alexander - Ronald – is an amazing child: he speaks different languages, plays piano, paints and is dreaming of becoming a doctor like his parents.

Here is a little secret. Ella is now working on a book, the purpose of which is to lead by the example of a person, who was sentenced by medical doctors to a lifelong disability, on how to become healthy and what role alternative medicine plays in it.


Boston, with its world-renowned medical centers can, without exaggeration, be called the capital of medicine. And Tetelboym Therapy Institute is getting along with it very well. How?

This question is more serious than it might seem at first glance. Feeling unwell, most civilized people (who we can all relate to) consult their doctor or specialist in a particular field, or go to a specialized medical center. For people like Ella and Alexander, specialists in the field of alternative medicine, people only turn to them after they are unsuccessful with a whole arsenal of traditional medicine and still remain hopeful for a miracle…

In front of me are hundreds of testimonial letters from grateful patients from all over the world. Furthermore, I was really amazed that Ella and Alexander are helping their patients not only through direct treatment in the office, but from a distance. Patients can get bio-energy sessions and detailed advice on how to restore their health with no drugs without ever leaving their home.

Dear Ella! The help you have given my daughter and me has brought us back to life! I am sleeping like a baby now and my torturing colitis is not bothering me anymore. My daughter has blossomed. I cannot believe that her face was once covered with boils. I want to express special thanks to you for the fact that all the help we received was from the comfort of our home. We did not have to spend a lot of money for traveling and accommodation to come and stay in Boston ... Thanks again for your help. It was priceless.
Maria Gershman
Los Angeles, CA
There isn’t a day when I don’t think of you Dr. Tetelboym or speak about you to my friends and family. I don’t know how you did it, you are in America and I'm in Europe, but out of a very sad, depressed and nervous person, you managed to make a healthy, cheerful one. I feel I can finally relax and breathe normally, with full lungs. My back is much better, too. I had that annoying back pain for such a long time that I completely forgot how it feels when it doesn’t hurt. Thanks to you, I know now. I wish you and your family all the best in your super-human endeavors to help people. You certainly made me very happy.
Daniela Konevich
Le Locle, Switzerland

Attempting to verify how my interviewers live by the famous principle-testament “Doctor - heal thyself" may serve as the best evidence of the effectiveness of their methods. The lightness and ease with which Ella performs the most complex exercises of the yoga system, leaving one speechless, even if one did not know anything about her recent diagnosis-verdict that left her with no hope. And Alexander in his 59 years of age jokingly performs strict requirements of gymnastic tests designed for the 20-year-old athlete. Moreover, he quit smoking nine years ago (after 45 years of "experience," which he started back in the orphanage house) by programming himself.

The core of the methods used in Tetelboym Therapy Institute is the treatment of the whole person, not just the disease. To be more specific, this method works by treating the cause of the disease instead of its symptoms. In this regard, let me express the idea, the intelligence and unreality of which are equally obvious. Its essence is that people should come to healers like Ella and Alexander when nothing hurts, not when the body has already been grabbed and twisted. They have to come and check if everything is as good as it seems. If it is, they should find out what they need to do in order to keep themselves in such good shape as long as possible. If not, then they have to help themselves right away without bringing matter to the extreme.

Alexander, sadly shaking his head spoke about this, “Not only are we physically conducting the pain of each patient through ourselves, but when we look at someone our heart aches: darling, where were you a couple of years ago? If you had stopped by for a half an hour, you would have no worries, but now… What kind of joy is there to stay under the sword of Damocles for the rest of your life, when it’s so simple to look up and step aside…”

This does not in any way mean that Ella and Alexander are going to replace all possibilities of the entire arsenal of classical medicine. Respecting the capabilities of modern health care, they believe that traditional medicine, by no means, should resemble a one-way street. Let us not forget that the majority of the patients of Ella, Alexander and their colleagues, for one reason or another did not get help for their suffering in the hospitals and medical centers. Let’s recall just one example familiar to the readers of NRS from the article “Miracle of Doctor Tetelboym.” When transferring bio-energy from doctor Tetelboym to a terminally ill patient, the patient’s life was saved. It was at South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth, Mass. This case is also unique because the entire process of transferring energy to the patient was recorded by electronic diagnostic equipment that controls various parameters of vital functions of a patient’s organism – the only example in world-wide practice that objectively confirms the impact of bio-energy treatment on the therapeutic outcome. This case has attracted the attention of Dr. David Eisenberg, the Director of Harvard University Research Center for Alternative Medicine at the Beth Israel hospital in Boston, MA. A meeting of Dr. Eisenberg and his colleagues with Dr. Tetelboym will be held soon.

However, this is just a fragment of what in literature has already been called "the phenomenon of doctor Tetelboym." Indeed, in practice, patients of Tetelboym Therapy Institute receive a complex set of therapies, including not only bio-energetic but also psychological and hypnotic components, which allows for achieving results that are not possible when they are applied separately. However this step is extremely important because it indicates a time when the relevance and effectiveness of alternative therapies may finally get an unbiased assessment on the basis of an objective analysis of their practical results.


Dmitry Kukunov

This is a short version of the article that was translated from Russian language.

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