Ella & Alexander Tetelboym Ella & Alexander at the Donation Ball in Boston,1999 Ella & Alexander offering help to the kids of Chernobyl – Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 1995 Alexander Tetelboym on the TV show “ALIVE! BODY, MIND & SPIRIT” Performing in front of an audience during a concert The Tetelboym family welcoming the new millennium with the famous Russian writer & producer Edward Topol Ella interviewed by Dmitry Poletaev (WMNB – Russian-American TV) “Dance me to the end of love” Ukraine, 1987 Alexander holding his new born son in the delivery room The legendary Brazilian soccer players Joãozinho & Dodo visiting the Tetelboyms With Super Bowl XXXVI champion Lawyer Milloy at a business conference,  Hilton Hotel, Boston, 2013 Ella & Alexander with famous Russian entertainers A. Arkanov and L. Oganesov, Plaza Hotel, New York, 2002 Ella & Alexander welcoming 2006 with Noble prize winner Wolfgang Ketterle Ella with the world renown Brazilian soccer player Roger at the welcoming party for Cruzeiro, Boston, 2010 Alexander Tetelboym as a guest on the TV show “YOUR MOTHER’S ON THE ROOF” With Donizete “Pantera” & Junior Bahaino (Brazilian soccer stars), 2014 Alexander coaching Brookline Town Team Soccer The Tetelboyms with Eduard Topol at his summer house in Long Island Ella as the guest of honor at a High School Graduation, Ukraine Ella Tetelboym as a guest on the Brazilian Radio show “7 Alegria do Povo” It’s fun to be a model, Ella in Manhattan Leisure time Ukraine, 1988 Be happy! Self-growth The sweet charm of Italy “La Dolce Vita” Ella & Alexander at the Newport jazz festival Ella with her new friend Ella at her son’s High school Graduation, Brookline, 2011 Ella and Alexander after their lecture in New York San Diego, California Website-PHOTOS-32 At the Opera House, Odessa, Ukraine Ella spending a quality time together with her son Ronald, 2011 Ella with Dodo at TV Globo International, the Brazilian Television Award party, 2012 By ocean side, 2011 Ella playing billiard with Joãozinho At Gillette Stadium at the AC Milan vs. Inter Milan game, 2009 Ella with the writer and publisher Alfred Tulchinsky Feeling fabulous! “Celebrate the moments of your life!” Plaza hotel, New York Experiencing new adventures Ella (an expectant mother) & Alexander with the writer & actor Yuri Druzhnikov On a picnic, 2014 Ellaperforming  at a political fundraising event The Tetelboym family at the art & craft festival in Cohasset "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." Mahatma Gandhi Celebrating Independence Day in New York Cheering for Brazil! Brazil vs. Portugal soccer match, 2013 At an Indian reservation Bon voyage! Ella with her son, Miami, 2006 Ella at her son’s Middle School Graduation The Tetelboyms at the art festival in Brookline Ella with her son cheering for the AC Milan soccer team, 2005 Ella & Alexander with artists of the Soviet Circus  after the show, New York, 1990 To Ella at her birthday from her Brazilian fans, 2010 Alexander on the saxophone performing with his band in Russia Alexander with his son, Miami, 2006 Ella with her friends welcoming the New Year,<br />Lvov Medical Institute, Ukraine Alexander expressing himself on the saxophone Ella with Ms. De Marco, the owner of Boston School of Modern Languages A father and son connection Alexander at a banquet for World War II Veterans Salzburg, Austria Alexander on his concert tour through the Soviet Union Ella and her son playing soccer together San Diego, California At the Carpathian mineral water resort <strong>in Ukraine</strong> Alexander with his son in Cape Cod At Chinese New Year Unforgettable memories of Rio de Janeiro The Tetelboyms with former Major League Soccer player Daouda Kante, his wife and Dodo Western Ukraine, 1988 Traveling is a lot of fun At a Health and Spa Resort, California Connecting with nature “The situation is under control” Wild Animal Park, San Diego Winter in Paris The Tetelboyms are geared up for their new destinations Ella at home on her birthday, 2010 Headless is better than brainless At a Halloween party in Vermont What could be better than starting the day with a nice cup of rich Italian cappuccino Rovno, Ukraine Tropical Paradise of La Jolla The oh so famous Cambridge, 2012 Recharging my “battery”