If you’re looking for a perfect way to keep your mind sharp, increase IQ,
& build more neural connections, piano playing is the solution.
It exercises several different parts of the mind & body while
providing you with years of musical enjoyment.


Piano playing has many healing and therapeutic benefits.
It gets your energy flowing and gives results similar to meditation, acupuncture and yoga.
Piano playing relaxes you physically and mentally, alleviates stress and oxygenates your body.
It stimulates the release of dopamine and beta-endorphins in the brain resulting in a sense of well-being.
All ages and beginners welcome!
Program for exceptionally gifted students.
Music therapy through piano lessons for children with the following problems:
speech, memory, ADD and the Autism Spectrum Disorder
Group lessons 4-6 people: Piano for Beginners ages 5 & up
Classes bring students great fun, develop musical skills and prepare them to play the piano

For inquiries and appointments call:
(617) 323-9125